hybrid exhibition catalogue/novella
softcover, color illustrations, offset, 72 pages, edition 500
published by the Van Eyck, Maastricht, NL, 2012

Reclamation is a novella about a real artwork. The text is written from the perspective of a fictional narrator living in the newly built city of Almere, the Netherlands. She encounters a mysterious, two-story brick archway in a vacant lot, and begins to peel back layers of history in her curiosity to uncover its origin.

The story takes us from moments of everyday life in Almere, to the city’s beginnings in 1978, to the forgotten remnants of the ghost town of Metropolis, USA.

Text and installation by Kristin Posehn
Design by Jayme Yen with Kristin Posehn
ISBN 978-90-72076-59-5


Reclamation back cover